Exchange Project for Women Artists

A project initiated by artists of GEDOK Munich in cooperation with platform M√ľnchen

Mycelia is a "feminization" of the term mycelium, a set of filaments that form the vegetative part of a fungus. These subterranean, imperceptible ramifications are the basis of the fungus, what sustain it and allow its fleeting existence.

The fungus can be understood as the visible result of a deep network of roots. Taking as a metaphor the mycelium, the project aims to create a network of relationships, exchanges and collaborations between women artists from Munich and other European cities.

The exchange take part on this digital platform and will materialize in the form of an exhibition.
Deadline for the joint work on 01-04-2020

Vernissage 22-04-2020, 19.p.m.
with DJ Kup
Exhibition 23-04 till 10-05-2020

Anabel Roque Rodriguez